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young foal

Feeding Young Horses: Aim for Smooth, Steady Growth

A number of factors influence the growth rates of foals. Availability of adequate nutrients is important to maximizing, or at least optimizing, growth. The required nutrients change as the animal grows and the growth rate changes.

KER Research

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nutrient digestibility

How is Nutrient Digestibility Determined in Horses?

Using 30 different diets, KER calculated digestibilities for numerous diets, yielding valuable information on nutrient requirements and interactions.


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Horses in pasture

Preventing Pasture-Associated Laminitis in Horses

Horses that consume too much fresh pasture grass ingest high levels of fructans, carbohydrates that are not processed in the equine small intestine and thus can pass to the hindgut.

General Interest

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Mare and foal

Check Broodmare’s History for Risk of Posterior Presentation

A study conducted in England found evidence that mares with a posterior birth may repeat this presentation in successive pregnancies